Tesla Model 3 Owner Avoids Theft Using a Mobile App

An Australian owner of the Tesla Model 3 was shocked this week when a couple of thieves took her car from the garage where it was parked. These thieves did not have the vehicle’s connectivity, which helped them to be caught.

When the two thieves got into the car and managed to start it, the owner who was in the same building received a notice on her mobile phone—an alert telling her that something was going on in her car.

When she went down to the garage, she saw that her Model 3 was gone, so she could see how it was moving with the same application, which indicated that it had been stolen.

What seemed like an easy robbery became an unforgettable experience for the two criminals since, from the application, the car owner began to perform actions such as opening the windows and sounding the horn, all to distract and annoy the occupants.

At the same time, they began the search using the geolocation of the application itself while notifying the police, until they found the car parked in a parking lot a few miles from their office. At that point, the criminals decided to end their adventure by abandoning the place, note that she had previously identified the thieves through cameras that had recorded all the crime, both in the garage and in the car itself.

Not only that, but these thieves in their hurried escape forgot the tools they had used to open the vehicle, and even one of their driver’s license. Not a good day for bad guys.

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