LEAKED: Detailed Comparison Chart of VW ID.4 and Tesla Model Y

According to Duncan Movassaghi, head of sales and marketing for Volkswagen in the United States, the objective of the ID.4 is not to compete against the Tesla Model Y. That being said, it would be silly for VW not to consider the Model Y a strong competitor. Now, in a new internal document we see a detailed comparison between the two electric SUVs.

VW CEO Herbert Diess recently said that he recently test drove the Model Y and said he considered it a “reference car” for the VW’s own electric programs. In the comparison we can see how much VW is using the Model Y in reference to the ID.4 (u/fxckingrich on Reddit):

It is arguable the best size comparison between the Model Y and ID.4 to date. The image shows how similar the two electric SUVs are in size while having a minimal difference in form factor. 

VW points out the 17 cm length difference, making the ID.4 shorter than the Model Y, while still claiming an extra 6 cm (2.3 inches) of space inside the EV. The German automaker also highlighted the ID.4’s  high quality interior, VW OS, digitalization, price advantage, and accessibility among other things.

The ID.4 is set the be revealed later this month with deliveries expected to begin in Europe and North America by the end of this year.

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