Spotted: Volkswagen ID.4 Charging at 126 kW

At the end of this year, the second electric car distribution will begin under the Volkswagen MEB platform. We’re talking about ID. 4. An expected more familiar version of which this week a prototype has been captured during a loading session in Germany, where we can see that it achieves a significant power figure.

As we remember, the ID.4 should have precisely the same electrical system as its little brother, which is capable of accessing powers of up to 125 kW. But in one of the images, we can see how the station marker reaches a peak of 126 kW at 369 V, and with the battery at 26% charge.

This would mean improving the data seen a few weeks ago on the iD.3 itself, which demonstrated the excellent performance of the charging system, which enjoys a very dim curve with a peak in the case of the 96 kW compact.

Of course, the data can be very different depending on the station where the tests are made. This last example shows us that the ID family will have an efficient motor and battery set, and an effective, fast-charging system. Factors that will make it easier for you to get the most out of your batteries.

This in practice, and with a station capable of offering this power, ID.4 should improve the figures seen at the time by ID.3, which, as we recall, achieved a peak of 96 kW, which has allowed it to go from 25 % to 100% in 52 minutes. A very striking figure, especially in terms of the performance of the curve in the highest parts of the SOC of the battery when usually the figures tend to fall significantly.

One of the explanations for the difference between ID.3 and ID.4 and the question of testing at different charging stations is that in the first case, it was very possibly with the 58 kWh intermediate model. In comparison, which in the case of ID.4 should be the 77 kWh version. Something that will allow you to squeeze more of your carrying capacity.

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