Volkswagen ID.4 will Start Sales the Last Week of September

Volkswagen Chief Financial Officer Alexander Seitz has given an interesting interview to the German media in which he describes how it will be the second half of the year where the Volkswagen ID.3 will have great importance to improve the numbers of a lousy start to the year. He has also given the start date of sales of its first variant, the ID.4.

According to Mr. Seitz, “in the second half of the year, we expect a tailwind, because our offensive with the new models will develop its full potential. The derivatives of GTI, GTE, or Variant golf, the Arteon, and the Tiguan, but undoubtedly the most important model is the ID.3, which is the prelude to the start of a new era of electric mobility for the group.”

For his part, Volkswagen’s head of sales, Jurgen Stackman, has indicated that even though there are still no test units or too many press tests, ID.3 is “extremely popular with customers”.

This is attested to by the 37,000 reservations that ID.3 has and which has meant that the first version to hit the market, the First Edition, has exhausted its stock in a few weeks. According to the German executive: “We have 15,000 firm orders from this first group of reservists, and that for a car that customers have never been able to test. In our experience, this is an excellent start. We have never had it before with another model.”

A dynamic that they hope will accelerate when the car physically arrives at the dealerships, something that they indicate will happen starting September 20. At that time, those interested can begin to approach Volkswagen stores to see the car in person and request the proof of it.

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