European Tesla Model Y to Receive Structural Redesign

Months before the launch of the Tesla Model Y, a series of leaks made us think that the model would have revolutionary technical solutions such as a monocoque created from a single cast piece and an electrical system in which a flexible circuit would replace the cables.

However, when the Model Y finally hit the market, these expectations were not met: although the vehicle’s rear underframe was made up of two huge function blocks rather than the seventy welded steel pieces that make up the same section in the Model 3. The rest of the body was built traditionally; furthermore, the wiring was the same as that of its sedan brother.

However, this may change shortly: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has confirmed that the Model Y to be produced at Giga Berlin (the brand’s first European factory) will mean “a radical redesign in construction technology Of automobiles”. A declaration of intentions.

“During Tesla Battery Day at the end of September, I will talk about what we are doing here in Berlin. But it will be the first time that there has been a transformation in the vehicle’s central structural design. It will be something significant [in aspects such as] manufacturing, engineering, and design,” said the executive.

Currently, Tesla is focused on the construction of Giga Berlin, which is progressing at high-speed thanks to precast blocks. Although the plant will initially host the production of the Model Y, it will later be joined by the Model 3 and a compact that will rival the Nissan LEAF and Volkswagen ID.3.

It is unknown if Giga Shanghai will produce this redesigned version of the Model Y or if, on the contrary, it will replicate the variant currently manufactured in Fremont. However, everything seems to indicate that this last option will be the chosen one. However, Giga Austin could indeed build the revamped version of the Model Y from scratch, possibly leading to the cessation of production of the Fremont model in practice.

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