Tesla’s Full Self Driving Capability Is About to Get $1,000 More Expensive

Starting on August 16th, owners of Tesla models that already have Enhanced Autopilot will have to pay extra 1,000 dollars on the upgrade.

On an email sent last Wednesday, Elon Musk’s company announced that the driver assistance would become more expensive. Instead of paying the regular $3,000 for the upgrade, people who already have features in Autopilot package will have to spend $4,000.

On poorly executed moves, Tesla has been having trouble with upgrade packages, since the beginning of the year, when it changed from the Enhanced Autopilot to a standard Autopilot, present in all company’s EVs.
With unique techs such as Lane Change, Autopark and Summon, Tesla had two options to add them. When buying a car, you could order the tech before or after the delivery. The first one would cost $6,000 and the second $8,000.
Customers that already had Enhanced Autopilot on their EVs were not happy with the price for the upgrade, making the company reduce the cost to the now known $3,000. But now, once again, the prices will rise.
We can only expect bad reactions from customers.


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