Mustang Cobra Jet Smashes Lucid Air’s Acceleration Record

There is nothing like more competition to improve. This is what they must have thought at Ford, who have launched to the development of a purely advertising prototype that demonstrates the enormous potential of electric propulsion systems. A disrespectful and irreverent tone output has led to a beast’s story with more than 1,500 hp and a very cool name.

We are talking about the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. A missile on wheels that would undoubtedly be the ideal car of the Cobra Kai dojo owner, and that this week he has put all his rhetoric to the test in an acceleration test.

Although not a commercial model, and probably never will be, the challenge was to overcome the 9.9 seconds achieved by the no less impressive Lucid Air, which completed the quarter-mile in under 10 seconds for the first time for an electric production model.

The goal set by Ford during the presentation last April of this Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 was that it would be able to stop the clock in the quarter-mile below eight seconds. A figure that has finally narrowly failed to be the mark in private tests of 8.27 seconds with a top speed of 271 km/h and peak power of 1,522 hp.

A model that has been developed in a collaboration between Ford and the Cascadia Motion company that has installed a system where we find up to four PN-250-DZR inverters, connected to two Cascadia DS-250-115s Dual-Stack engines; this means four motors in total, running at up to 10,000 rpm, running at 800 volts and up to 700 amps. The maximum power is 350 kW per engine, enough as we see to raise the nose during acceleration as if it wanted to take off.

And that’s despite all that torrent of power managed by an algorithm developed jointly between Ford and AEM-EV. All to learn how far they can go and in this way, as indicated by those responsible for the project: “to gain a great perspective of what may be possible in high-performance fully electric vehicles for Ford in the future.”

We will not see the real madness on the road, but that will pave the way for the future arrival of the new electric Mustangs that will certainly not be a slow or tedious models.

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