Mystery EV Design Found by Autovisie is Claimed. Is it the VW ID.2?

Last week, The Next Avenue reported on a mystery EV that was believed to be the design of the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2. Members of the Dutch website, Autovisie, stumbled upon the images while trying to look at the automakers Project Trinity teaser. The Dutch website suspected it to be the ID.2 which would land in the subcompact (B-segment) crossover.

Now, it seems that both of the Autovisie’s suspicions were true as Spanish automobile manufacturer, SEAT very slyly confirmed its next electric subcompact crossover to be available in 2025. Coincidentally the same year Volkswagen plans to offer the ID.2.

Check out the comparison of the mystery EV seen by Autovisie and SEATs newly announced electric subcompact crossover in the slide below:

Looking at the side by side comparison it is pretty apparent that they have the same proportions, meaning they will likely have the same wheelbase.

With the announcement of a new electric subcompact crossover SEAT, the odds of Volkswagen offering a small hatchback (ID.1 and the ID.2) as a small crossover are much higher. According to a report from British magazine, AutoExpress, SEAT is planning to offer this new EV to for somewhere between £17,000 and £22,000 (current exchange rate put it at $23,500 and $30,400 USD).

These new electric vehicles from SEAT, Volkswagen (and likely Skoda and Audi) will be underpinned by the MEB Lite platform, or MEB Entry. According to the AutoExpress, the small electric cars will be produced at the Martorell plant in Spain. However, Volkswagen and friends will likely have to take production somewhere else as SEAT is shooting for an with annual target goal of 500,000 units. 

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