VIDEO: A Detailed Look Inside Hyundai’s New IONIQ 5

From South Korea, we get a detailed video of a YouTuber who defines himself as a devotee of internal combustion cars. The Asian Petrolhead channel has had access to an event where it has been able to check the qualities and surprises of the interior of the new IONIQ 5.

Hyundai’s new proposal, now under a new brand called IONIQ, creates great expectations in Europe and other markets in the electric car sector.

From FCE, we are carefully following all the information on this new model called the promoter of the Hyundai group’s zero-emissions policy. The strategy will be completed with the arrival of the new KIA EV6, which will be presented soon and of which we have advanced the photos of its final line.

The new Korean proposal, which accumulates more than 20,000 reservations in its country of origin and 400,000 people interested in Europe and the United States, will be available with two battery options.

On the one hand, it starts with a 58 kWh battery and another with a higher capacity of 72.6 kWh. These will be coupled with two mechanical configurations with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, respectively.

Four versions will be available: Standard Range 2WD, Standard Range 4WD, Long Range 2WD, and Long Range 4WD.

After previewing from this medium the first results of fast charging of the IONIQ 5, we now collect the video where the first images of the interior and trunk are presented.

Also, in the report, you can see the sensations that the new finishes transmit as soon as you get on the 100% electric crossover.

The first impressions of the video protagonist are positive, indicating that materials, settings, and finish are quite pleasant, even “better than the Tesla Model Y.”

You can see the cameras that replace the traditional rearview mirrors in the video, although these seem larger than expected. Still, the recording allows us to see how Hyundai has solved, with interior screens, the absence of this element.

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