LEAKED: Volkswagen ID.2 Design

Members of the Dutch website, Autovisie, stumbled upon what they believe could be the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2. The ID.2 was recently pushed from its initial launch year of 2023 to now 2025, leaving us only to imagine what the new EV will look like in between visual renderings that may surface over the next few years. However, that may not be the case with Autovisie’s new discovery.

The Dutch website came across an image that reportedly popped up when one of their journalists went to look at the automakers Project Trinity teaser. The image showed a smaller hatchback than the ID.3 which has led Autovisie to believe that it could be the upcoming ID.2.

According to Autovisie, three pictures appeared at the same time, but they have yet to released the other two images seen while trying to access the Project Trinity teaser. One of the pictured vehicles has a C-pillar, rear, and profile that looks quite similar to that of the VW ID.3 which caught the website’s journalist’s attention. However, the front is definitely different. As the Dutch website put it: “Looking at the proportions of the car, you immediately see that it is a compact model. Knowing there is a smaller model in the pipeline, one-and-one is two.”

According to Autovisie, it believes this mystery VW could be a sort of compact SUV, although some believe the increased frontal area could affect the efficiency of the vehicle. 

As mentioned above, the other two pictures were not revealed by Autovisie but we all have our question as to whether this leak was caused by human error of if it was intentional in hopes of gaining some hype regarding the upcoming EV. Either way, it’s a long way off before we have any confirmation whether it be design or technical for this car and if or when to expect it from the German automaker.

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