Porsche Announces Plans for Private Proprietary Charge Network

Porsche seems to be tearing a page out of Tesla’s playbook as it has announced it will be building its own charging network for its customers.

Tesla launched its Supercharger network in 2012 when it launched the Model S. It was the the only EV manufacturer at the time who didn’t to rely on third-party public charging networks so it took matters into its own hands. 

A move that would prove to be on of the EV giant’s biggest advantages in the industry as it was developed to enhance and optimize Tesla ownership instead of for the sole purpose of profit. 

Tesla has indicated they are open to the idea of sharing the Supercharger network with other automakers in the past. However, the issue of cost sharing is a big one, and would need to be sorted out before any agreement was made. Musk did however confirm in a response on Twitter late last year that other automakers have “low-key” taken Tesla up on the offer:

Currently most charging networks are still run by third-party companies, although some automakers have recently shown interest and even invested in developing their own.

Porsche is reportedly hoping on the band wagon as well as it announced its own network which will complement third-party network, Ionity, in Europe: “Porsche is planning its own fast-charging stations along the most important European major highways and motorways. These will offer customers a high-quality, brand-appropriate charging experience while complementing the Ionity network. A unique design will showcase the special character of the Porsche fast-charging stations to the outside world.”

According to the German automaker, each station will have “between six and 12 charging points with a charging capacity of 350 kW and more.”

In addition, Porsche plans to provide lounge areas at some self-service facilities much like Tesla does at some of its Supercharger stations.

Oliver Blume, Porsche CEO commented on the announcement: “An important prerequisite for electromobility is fast and convenient charging,” says Blume. “That is why we are currently working on the details of a concept for our own fast-charging stations. We will select attractive locations for these in order to offer our customers the most comfortable and fastest long-distance travel experience possible.”

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