MG5 Electric: a Renewed Family EV

The British brand MG, belonging to the Chinese giant SAIC, presented two new 100% electric models that will reinforce its ambitious fleet: the MG Marvel R Electric and the MG5 Electric. The firm itself considers the latter as the world’s first fully-electric family body (SW) car. Its arrival in our market will take place in October 2021.

The truth is that the MG5 Electric is an old acquaintance for all of us, as it has been sold for years in different parts of the world with both the MG and Roewe logos. However, ahead of its arrival in continental Europe, MG has subjected the model to a restyling that brings a fresher aesthetic and a revised powertrain.

Although the sideline does not receive changes, maintaining its classic and sober appearance, the front sports redesigned optics is more angular shapes and bumpers with a lower air intake equipped with vertical slats reminiscent of other recent models of the company. The logo is located on the cover of the charging socket.

One of this vehicle’s strengths is its massive trunk (4.54 meters long): with a volume of 578 liters expandable to 1,456 liters, if the second-row seatbacks are folded down, the MG5 Electric leaves clear, its openly family vocation. Its ranch bodywork allows it to offer good habitability without neglecting aerodynamics or weight, as is the case with bulky SUVs.

Nor can we ignore that it can tow up to 500 kg; Also, it supports a roof load of a maximum of 75 kg, which will make it possible to install a roof rack that, although it will affect the autonomy of the car, will allow the transport of bicycles or simply a box to load more luggage.

MG has not disclosed its battery capacity, although it claims that it will be capable of exceeding 250 miles, a pretty good figure for an affordable cut model. Its engine produces 184 hp (135 kW) and 280 Nm of torque. It can access loads of up to 11 kW in alternating current, while indirect current will recover 80% of its range in 30 minutes.

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