Tesla Receives Approval for Massive Supercharger V3 Station in CA

A few days ago plans surfaced for a huge Tesla Supercharger V3 station in Santa Monica, California. If approved, it would become Tesla’s largest site of this kind in the world. The plan consists of 62 V3 (250 kW) Supercharging stalls between two facilities.

Now, after a 3 hour long discussion and a virtual vote, Tesla’s new Santa Monica Supercharger V3 station has been approved.

The world’s largest V3 Supercharging station currently resides in Firebaugh, California and has a total of 56 stalls. Tesla’s largest Supercharger station in the world is in Shanghai, China. However, the Shanghai Supercharger station is equipped with with 72 former V2 (120 kW) stalls.

The Santa Monica Planning Commission approved the project with a final vote of 5-2. Prior to the vote, the Commission apparently held a lengthy discussion involving oppositions for the project. With this approval, the new Supercharger station is expected to be located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard. It will consist of two sites with an alley in between. One site will be equipped with 36 stalls and the other will house the remaining 26. Furthermore, it will feature solar power and battery storage.

Tesla Supercharger v3

Concerns about the Supercharger station surfaced during the discussion prior to the approval vote, where local residents voiced their worries regarding noise and homeless people trying to use the Supercharger station’s restrooms, among other things. However, these concerns were not enough to scrap the EV giants plans.

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