Lucid Motors Confirms European Deliveries Before the End of the Year

Lucid Motors just revealed that it will begin deliveries of its very first vehicles to the European market by the end of this year. The news came via Twitter when a Norway resident asked the automakers verified Twitter account when to expect the Lucid Air in his home country, and the answer he got was quite exciting. The California-based automaker is expected to start rolling out deliveries of its Air sedan in the US this spring, but this is the first timeline heard from the automaker regarding bringing its vehicles to Europe.

Lucid Motors unveiled its Air sedan in December 2016 and it was slated to stand up against the toughest competition on the EV market, in particular the Tesla Model S, the Karma Revero, the Porsche Taycan. Four years after unveiling the original prototype, Lucid revealed the production version of the Air and which beat a Tesla Model S Performance in a quarter mile race capturing the attention of EV enthusiasts across the globe. Shortly after the Air topped Tesla’s Model S Plaid prototype by beating the Laguna Seca track record which the Tesla vehicle held. Tesla was quick to take back the crown by reclaiming the top track time with its upcoming Model S Plaid, but the damage was done and Lucid is now thought of as stiff competition for the EV giant.

Lucid CEO, Peter Rawlinson previously worked as chief engineer at Tesla and said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that he does not see Lucid as a Tesla rival. The CEO explained the difference between the two companies strategies saying that Lucid is going after longer established, luxury automakers like Mercedes Benz and its S-Class vehicles.

Lucid has already started production of Lucid Air Dream Edition and it comes with a starting price of $169,000. The luxury trim Air Dream Edition is expected to see deliveries in the United States this spring. It is expected to arrive next spring. If you’re looking for luxury, but the price doesn’t sit well with your budget, Lucid is slated to offer two less expensive versions of the Air. The Air Grand Touring is a tier below the Dream Edition and is slated to see deliveries this fall. The Air Touring will ease the tension on your wallet just a little with a starting price of $87,500. If that is still a little pricey, Lucid will also offer the Air Pure which starts at $69,900, but you’ll be waiting until next year to get it. 

Lucid had already confirmed that deliveries of its luxury sedan will begin in the states this year, but the company has now confirmed the same in Europe. When a Norwegian fan asked Lucid Motors’ verified Twitter account when to expect the Air in his part of world, Lucid gave a simple yet exciting answer for many:  

Lucid did not provided any more details other than the very vague date. However, it isn’t a totally surprise as the automaker began taking reservations from European countries for its luxury sedan in January of 2020. Now it seems like it plans to invade the European market may happen sooner than we think.

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