Lucid Motors Wants to Build 400,000 EVs in its New Factory in Arizona

Lucid Motors has just announced that it has completed the first phase of its electric car factory in Arizona, United States. After starting the works in December 2019, the results have been completed successfully, and the tearing phase has been completed in November 2020.

The high-efficiency luxury carmaker aims to have 400,000 electric vehicles manufactured per year once the necessary expansions of its Arizona facility are completed.

The second half of 2020 has been very intense for Lucid after presenting its new Lucid Air model, which has cutting-edge technology solutions that make them a benchmark in efficiency and autonomy.

The new Lucid Air that will be produced at the recent American plant, located in Casa Grande, has a propulsion unit capable of producing 650 hp, but which has been reduced to a minimum to improve the vehicle’s efficiency as a whole.

Weighing in at just 74 kg, the entire powertrain reduces weight by 100 kg compared to the latest luxury model on the market: the Porsche Taycan.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO, and CTO of Lucid Motors welcomes the completion of the construction of the so-called Lucid AMP-1:

“We began construction of the 238-acre Lucid AMP-1 site in Casa Grande, Arizona, on December 2, 2019, and just under a year later, we have completed the first purpose-built electric vehicle factory in North America. The effort and agility demonstrated by this team is truly amazing, as we are already rolling out equipment compatible with the Lucid manufacturing system to begin production of the next-gen EV, Lucid Air, in just a few months.”

Lucid Motors has planned an initial assembly line capacity at around 30,000 units per year. Subsequently, the company has drawn up a roadmap that will allow it to reach 400,000 high-efficiency electric cars per year.

The first vehicles to roll out of the brand-new factory will hit the United States roads in spring 2021.

Lucid Motors’ advances allow it to offer products set as the car’s benchmark to come, where efficiency will be the differentiating factor on a planet where the best environmental savings is the energy that is not used.

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