Tri-Motor Lucid Air Beats Model S Plaid at Laguna Seca

According to new reports, the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype’s record on the Laguna Seca racetrack has been beaten by Lucid with its tri-motor Air test vehicle.

Tesla broke the fastest lap record for 4-door vehicles at Laguna Seca racetrack last year with a Model S prototype equipped with a version of Tesla’s tri-motor “Plaid” powertrain, achieving a lap time of 1:36.55.

Following the reveal of its electric Air last week, Lucid has reportedly beat the lap time of the Tesla Model S Plaid prototype with a not yet unveiled version of the car; a tri-motor performance version with over 1,200 hp and some body modifications.

The KilloWatts Youtube Channel spotted the car at Laguna Seca where it reportedly beat Tesla’s record. Written in the video’s description: “Our stop watch recorded a conservative 1:33 in this lap and it’s very possible other laps were faster. Our primary objective was photography so this was 1 of only two full laps we recorded on camera. It just so happened to be the quickest one we saw.”

Check out the video below:

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