Tesla $25,000 Compact EV to be Exported Around the World

Tesla is preparing to launch a new model designed and manufactured in China, and it can be acquired outside its borders as it will be a global model.

This has been indicated by Tom Zhu, the head of Tesla in China, who in an interview with the Xinhua Net portal, confirmed that the compact model, which in the local market is estimated to have an exchange price of about 25,000 dollars, will be designed by Tesla’s team from Shanghai and manufactured in the same plant.

Without a doubt, the most crucial part is where Mr. Zhu also confirms that it is a car that will be sold all over the world. As we have advanced these days, an initiative is already underway with the start of the construction of Tesla’s R&D center in China, which will be the first outside the United States.

In this installation, all the necessary sections will be carried out to design and create a car from engineering, development, testing, and of course, manufacturing.

Regarding the deadlines, at the moment, the manufacturer has not given clues. Still, rumors indicate that the design team and the production line will be ready before the end of the year to start the production lines in early 2022.

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