Sondors to Launch Low-Cost Electric Motorcycle This Month

The North American manufacturer SONDORS has managed to gain a foothold in the market thanks to competitive products completed with very low prices. Something that has allowed it to make a name for itself in the electric bicycle sector and now wants to extend to motorcycles.

In this way, it has launched a render that announces the presentation of its new electric motorcycle. An exhibition that will take place on the 14th of January and where we will know all the details of this promising proposal.

The little that the image lets us see, we can see a minimalist design and the absence of pedals, which confirms that it will be a motorcycle. It appears to have a body that has space to house a battery of good capacity.

We also see a defined swingarm and rear mono-shock that are nothing like what we usually see on full suspension e-bikes, even SONDORS own full suspension e-bikes.

The tires also denote its character as a motorcycle. They anticipate a proposal that, although possibly placed in the low zone in terms of price, will give us good dynamic performance following the company’s philosophy.

Much of this will depend on the engine’s situation, which, as we can see, seems to be housed in the hub of the rear wheel, which would lead the proposal towards a low-speed model designed for urban travel. Something that, on the other hand, will reduce costs and launch a more economical model.

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