Juiced Bikes Announces Juiced Scorpion – Its New Electric Bike

The company Juiced Bikes announced the new vehicle, along with images and more specs of the new Juiced Scorpion.

The company will start the orders of its new bicycle at the end of September, starting on the 24th. The price starts at $1,299, which is not very high.

The specs of the bike count with a 28 mph top speed and 75 miles of range on a single charge. However, the top speed can only be achieved by a pedal that will assist the driver. If the feature is not used, the bike can reach only 20 mph.

Another incredible feature released by Juiced Bikes is the “Hyper Scorpion”, which will feed the top speed of up to 30 mph. With a 1,000 W motor, the new kit has more power to provide such speed.

Here are some images of it:


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