Pedego Element Compact Electric Bike with 40 miles of Autonomy

The electric fat tire bike segment has grown considerably in recent years. Wide-wheel electric bicycles are designed for those looking for something different aesthetically and something functional capable of moving through difficult terrain without problems. One of the last to arrive has been the Pedego Element, which has become an interesting alternative at a competitive price.

It is a minimalist design model and no concessions to aesthetics beyond its thick 20-inch diameter and 4-inch wide wheels. Wheels that will allow us to venture through terrains such as sand or dirt roads will also make it easier for us to move through areas of ice or snow.

It has a motor housed in the rear wheel hub, with a power of 500W continuous and 1,000W peak, which propels it up to a maximum speed of 32 km/h. A model that in markets such as the United States can circulate without major problems on public roads.

Those who can enjoy this model say that it has a battery housed in the frame and can be removed to recharge off the bike. A 48V 10Ah (480 Wh) pack that, according to the manufacturer, provides a range between 30 to 60 miles with each charge.

It has a 7-speed transmission with Microshift transmission, backlit LCD screen, USB charging port, waterproof connectors, kickstand, and all with a competitive price of $1,495.

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