Sondors Metacycle is Coming to Impress the EV World

As promised, Sondors has unveiled its electric motorcycle. A long-awaited model from a brand that has revolutionized the electric bike sector with its competitive products, especially economically, has now applied all of his experience in the development of the Sondors Metacycle.

One of the most striking aspects is its modern and minimalist design. It has an aluminum frame and swingarm with a very attractive and modern end result and a contained weight of 91 kilos with the battery.

Fit with Michelin 110/70 ZR 17 tires and Brembo ByBre brakes, therefore, even if we face a low-cost proposal, it does not renounce top-level mechanical and design elements.

This epitomized in details like battery space. A pack located in the box has room to house our mobile in the upper part. A simple hole equipped with wireless charging will allow us to recharge our mobile while we circulate without resorting to a cable.

Also, in the lighting, such as the indicators integrated into the body with a most elegant result.

The Metacycle claims to deliver an 80-mile range and an 80 mph top speed for a relatively affordable price. The result of all is a fun motorcycle, with a very modern design, which is also completed with a price that in the United States will be $ 5,000.

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