X Mobility to Launch Inexpensive Electric Motorcycles in 2021

X Mobility Motors is a new startup based in California that wants to revolutionize the market with a broad mobility proposal that will include electric motorcycles, but also skates, scooters, and bicycles. All with the latest technology and prices that have been classified as the most competitive on the market concerning quality/performance.

Within its offer of electric motorcycles, these will be divided into two versions, the T1 and T2. Each one endowed with its own personality and aimed at a different type of client, with a T1 designed for the road and city, while the T3 adopts a mixed style that also allows you to move around areas off the asphalt.

In both cases, the body consists of a tubular frame made of 40-millimeter steel tubes. The electric motor and cast aluminum swingarm are attached to a bolt-on aluminum subframe. In the front area, we will find a USD fork, while in the rear, it will have a central spring strut where it rests directly on the oscillating arm.

The company has wanted to differentiate both proposals. For example, the T1 has road tires, a low fender in the front, and a swingarm for the rear’s license plate. The T2, meanwhile, adopts a scrambler style, with mixed tires, a taller tubular handlebar, as well as a higher positioned front fender that gives it that dual-sport look that is also helped by its longer suspension travel.

There will be different versions of the engine, with access variants with 5 kW of power. In comparison, the most powerful will reach 11 kW, which will allow it to achieve good acceleration performance.

Unfortunately, at the moment, X Mobility has not given details of aspects such as its battery, which will be removable and may have up to two packs, or its prices, which will be revealed in its presentation that will take place on November 26.

For the fastest, X Mobility has launched a discount system that will allow the first customers to get a 40% discount on their purchase.

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