TS Bravo: Electric Motorcycle with 145 Miles of Autonomy

The supply within the electric motorcycle sector is experiencing strong growth in 2020 due to the increased demand for personal transportation solutions. This is the Chinese Alrendo TS Bravo, a model that stands out for its attractive design and for being in a medium-high segment far from the usual low cost within the Asian giant’s manufacturers.

This model adopts a naked style, which resembles in appearance the Brammo Empulse or the Zero S. It also shares with them its high-performance proposal that does not reach the level of the most ambitious, such as the Energica, but enough to say that this is a reasonably respectable motorcycle technically.

The TS Bravo has a compact and powerful liquid-cooled electric motor, which generates a maximum power of 58 kW (78 hp) and 117 Nm of torque. An engine that also stands out for its lightness, weighing only 17 kg.

The battery for its part will be a pack of 12.16 kWh gross, 10.64 kWh useful, which according to the manufacturer, will allow it to travel up to 145 miles in the urban cycle. On the highway, at a constant speed of 80 km/h, the autonomy drops to 125 miles, while according to the brand, at 120 km/h, it will be 95 miles with a full charge.

For recharging, they have not spared either, and as standard, the TS Bravo will have a 3.8 kW onboard charger, which is a socket of power that will need just 2.5 hours for a full charge, or 30 minutes up to 80%. Without a doubt, one of its most interesting sections.

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