What if Cadillac’s Next Electric Flew? GM Presents its VTOL Prototype

The giant General Motors (GM) is very active in its advertising offensive, with which it tries to show its ambitions in the market for electric cars and SUVs. This week the North American firm has presented its concept of Cadillac flying transport.

The future mobility will not be physically tied to the limitations that the car has had for more than 100 years. Personal airspace may be key to developing the transport of people and goods in the future.

The development of drones and aerotaxis draws attention to both the aeronautical and automobile industries. From the United States, the North American premium firm par excellence proposes its idea of ​​a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) flying vehicle.

From Cadillac, they have presented these days the main basic characteristics of aerial robotaxi. The designers consider that this new aerial vehicle will have a 90 kW electric motor, mounted on an ultralight body powered by four rotors capable of making it fly at a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour.

Urban air navigation is a step forward in solving the problem of traffic jams on the surface. As Elon Musk works underground in Las Vegas’s tunnels, Cadillac thinks of air as a form of transportation.

The North American firm’s air taxi does not leave behind harmful emissions as it is 100% electric and allows the passenger to travel calmly without worrying about driving or air traffic, thanks to its automatic pilot.

For Mike Simcoe, GM chief designer, the VTOL is “the Cadillac of urban mobility.” From the US manufacturer, “VTOL is key to General Motors’ vision for a multimodal future,” he stressed.

At the moment, the experience of transportation through the Cadillac VTOL is reserved for one person, so while the trip may be comfortable, it will be, for the moment, a bit lonely.

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