Honda Prepares an Electric Version of the Super Cub Motorcycle, the Best-Selling Motorized Vehicle in History

The Honda Super Cub is a motorcycle that has been in uninterrupted production since 1958. It is currently considered the best-selling motorized vehicle in history, with a total of 60 million units produced until 2008, 87 million until 2014, and 100 million until 2017, making it a real planetary success immune to the passing of the years.

However, myths also need to be updated and adapted to the reality of the times. Not even a legend like the Super Cub is immune to that reality; therefore, Honda has started to develop a 100% electric version of its historical model. How do we know? Thanks to a series of leaks from the patent office.

In 2009 and 2015, Honda presented two electric prototypes of the Super Cub, which received the name EV Cub Concept, promising their arrival in the medium term. Finally, the wait seems to have come to an end, as the leaked images show, focusing on its interesting removable battery system.

The pack is located in the lowest area of ​​the motorcycle frame. It can be removed simply by tilting the box that contains it to one side, exposing the upper part of the battery, allowing us to remove it comfortably from the side. This system makes the pack much more accessible, making it more comfortable to handle and without taking space from the cargo box.

The production version possibly uses portable batteries of Panasonic origin, since, in 2018, both Japanese companies reached an agreement to develop this type of packs, which would be intended, among other things, for electric motorcycles. Unfortunately, the dates Honda will launch the electric Super Cub to the market are still unknown.

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