Soriano Motori’s 3 New Electric Motorcycles with 20 kWh Batteries

Soriano was a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer with a short-lived life but great national importance. Founded in 1941, Soriano was the first company to produce scooters in Spain. Even though the original company’s flame was extinguished in 1954, a new proposal has arrived from Italy that endorses the historic name: Soriano Motori.

This new Italian manufacturer is led by Marco Antonio Soriano, grandson of Ricardo Soriano, the founder of the original company. Soriano Motori has just announced the completion of the prototypes of its three new models, the Giaguaro V1-R, V1-S, and V1-Gara, inspired by the original Soriano Tigre in aspects such as its size content, but 100% electric.

The development of these zero-emission motorcycles has been carried out by a team of engineers “with extensive electric propulsion” from both the European Union and the United States. According to the CEO of Soriano Motori, these models respond to the latest customer demands.

“We started by assessing the problems of the electric vehicle mobility market and the complaints of their buyers to solve and reinvent them with a modern approach. So we’ve relaunched the storied brand with nothing but great new features and updates that our customers are sure to appreciate. We are building real bikes once again.”

Thanks to the use of huge 20 kWh capacity batteries (between 18 kWh and 19 kWh useful), these motorcycles offer a range of about 120 miles at a constant 120 km/h, an outstanding figure if we take into account that at high speed, the consumption of electric vehicles is skyrocketing. As for the load, they will take less than an hour to recover 80% of their range in a fast station (20 kW of power).

The Soriano Motori motorcycles will have two engines thanks to the Duo-Flex platform, a five-speed gearbox (plus reverse gear), and a hydraulic anti-rebound clutch that will allow aggressive reductions in sporty driving while avoiding the blocking of the rear wheel at the entrance of the curves. Precisely to convey gasoline motorcycles’ sensations, Soriano Motori has equipped its models with artificial sounds (Silent UV, Urban UV, and Sound of the Future).

The three models can already be reserved on the manufacturer’s website, which offers a special launch edition limited to 100 units signed by its creator. The V1-R has a power of 82 hp (60 kW), the V1-S of 98 hp (72 kW), and the V1-Gara of 102 hp (75 kW), each costing 25,000 euros, 29,000 euros and 30,000 euros respectively. Thanks to the personal “door to door” service, customers will receive their motorcycle directly at their doorstep in Europe, but still no information about deliveries in the US.

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