Tesla FSD Beta Succeeds on Previously Failed 180 Degree Turn

Since Tesla’s limited release of its Full Self-Driving beta in October, we have seen countless videos flooding electric vehicle forums of the driver assist feature in action. Some, of course, are more interesting than others and new things are learned with each clip including one of the more captivating ones where we see a before and after on how’s Tesla FSD beta handles a 180 degree turn in a Model 3. 

Tesla owner James Locke has several long and short videos showcasing his Model 3 using Tesla’s FSD beta. In his most recent video, we see Locke’s Model 3 struggling at its first attempt, made in November, handling a tight, forced 180 degree left turn. However with what Locke calls “dedication to the test” he attempts the turn again at just 1 mph. Unfortunately the FSD beta still does not recognize the turn. 

Fast forward to December 4th, Locke puts Tesla’s FSD beta to the test again on the same awkward forced turn. Although it does so very slowly, the Model 3 using the FSD feature recognizes and completes the turn before continuing on its route. 

Check out the full video below to see Tesla’s FSD “learning” in action:

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