Tesla Model S Plaid Version with Aggressive Design

Although we do not know when, we are sure that the renewal of the Tesla Model S has to be done soon and we are talking about a car whose prototype was presented in 2009. Since then, removing the mechanical part and some finishes has only received an aesthetic change in 2016. Therefore we are talking about design with more than ten years to its back. We can prepare ourselves some spectacular renderings that make the imagination fly with what the American vehicle’s new version will be like while we wait for Tesla.

These are the work of the Norwegian designer @Alwinart, who proposes an aggressive and very futuristic design, but at the same time without great fanfare. A new Model S that seems to be inspired by the look of the Tesla Roadster 2, but in a somewhat more familiar body.

As we can see, the front leaves no doubt that we are talking about a Tesla, but a very sporty version, with a stern look that anticipates in the rearview mirror of the vehicle that precedes what is coming. Something that extends in the rear without great excesses, and where only the huge diffusers under the bumper give something to note.

A rear part that also proposes a roof with glass divided into three parts, which in practice should allow us to design a Model S with a large boot lid that is undoubtedly one of the significant points in favor of the American model.

Images that make the imagination fly if we think about what this model could carry inside that, if aesthetically, it could be a success, mechanically, it could be a scandal.

This will be thanks to the installation in its most radical version of the Plaid system, which Tesla has been developing in places like the Nurburgring since 2019. A configuration of three engines and more than 1,000 hp of power will take full advantage of the latest batteries generation of the brand, and that will allow it to overcome rivals such as the Porsche Taycan, but also new adversaries such as the Lucid Air.

A new Model S is also expected to include the brand’s highest-capacity battery pack to date, which will range between 120 and 130 kWh, thus achieving an EPA autonomy close to 529 miles with a load.

The big question is when, possibly during Battery Day at the end of this month, Tesla will unveil some details of this long-awaited renewal that rumors indicate has moved to 2021 due to the many fronts open by the manufacturer and the impact of the coronavirus.

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