Ferrari to Follow its First SUV with Two Electric SUVs

Ferrari is expected to launch its first SUV in early 2022, but new reports are suggesting the Italian automaker may already be working on two additional SUVs that will sit on battery-electric powertrains.

British automotive enthusiast magazine, CAR reported today that Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, will ‘spawn’ a family of SUVs including two electric SUVs code-named the F244 and F245.

The electric SUVs will reportedly have four-motor powertrains and pack 610 horsepower and 80 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity. The report also states that five seats could be possible in the electric Ferraris due to the absence of a central driveshaft tunnel in addition to a flat skateboard floor.

In 2019, former Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said the automaker was studying the potential for an electric grand tourer. However, with the lack of suitable battery technology odds are we wouldn’t see a model until after 2025. Fast forward to January 2020, when the automaker filed an application for several patents, the main one being a modular electric drive system consisting of an electric motor-generator (EM) and gearbox (GTC).

CAR reported that the upcoming range-topping Purosangue is expected to come with a V12 dialed to around 800 horsepower. A hybrid 4.0-liter V8 slotting below with a combined 700 hp will also be available at launch. Ferrari already confirmed its first SUV will be offered with a hybrid powertrain, however, the additional two SUVs are expected to ditch the combustion engine. Additional information regarding the pair of EVs is sparse, but they are expected to hit the market in 2024 concerning the F244 and 2026 concerning the F245.

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