Fisker and Magna Seal a Deal for the Ocean Electric SUV

Final papers have been signed by Fisker and Magna Steyr for the agreements the two companies were discussing this past October. Magna Steyr will officially produce the Ocean electric SUV for Fisker as well as use its electric platform. A “production-intent” prototype is expected some time in the Summer of 2021.

Fisker already has the car design and production of the electric SUV is scheduled to begin by Q4 2022 should everything go according to plan. Interestingly enough, Fisker claims the Fisker-Flexible Platform Adaptive Design (FF-PAD) used for the Ocean is capable of adopting any electric car platform leaving us to wonder why the “production-intent” prototype won’t start until Q4 2022.

The car will use the FM29 platform as previously disclosed by Fisker and Magna Steyr. According to Magna Steyr, the FM29 platform is based on a Magna Steyr electric car architecture that is currently nameless. Magna Steyr hasn’t given many more details on the architecture at this time.

The FM29 version of Magna’s mystery platform will be longer and wider and will have a redesigned front-end structure. According to Henrik Fisker, the FM29 will have “features not previously seen in automotive applications,” as far as electrics and electronics, some of which will be developed in-house.

The company is working with its cell supplier in order to offer class-leading output. Fisker’s Ultra Long Range (ULR) battery pack option will allow the SUV to travel 350 miles on a single charge. Although it’s not quite the range seen in other electric SUV on the market, and upcoming, the Ocean’s price point is probably its biggest advantage with a $37,499 (U.S.) MSRP – $29,999 after U.S. tax credits.

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