Volvo FE Electric Truck Spotted Charging in Norway

A Norwegian YouTuber with a passion for electric vehicles spotted an all-electric Volvo FE Electric dumper truck when going to charge his own EV at a fast-charging station in Norway.

Bjørn Nyland explains in the video, when he was going to his local charging station he noticed a large truck blocking the charging ports. Nyland quickly realized it was a one of the production models that Volvo Trucks offers in Europe. The Volvo FE Electric was announced in 2018 and introduced on the market in late 2019.

The Volvo FE Electric is equipped with a 200 kWh battery, with the option of up to 300 kWh, giving it a not so impressive range of just 200 km (124 miles).

According to Nyland, the truck was at a 77% state-of-charge and took almost 53 kWh in 12.5-minute. This gives it a decent charging rate of around 250 kW. As far as the chargers, they were described as 150 kW, but are seemingly ready to offer power up to 350 kW.

The Volvo FE electric is slated by the automaker for demanding types of urban transport like waste collection, light construction transports and deliveries. The power to drive the truck is generated by an electric motor with a power output of 400 kW and a 850 Nm of torque. The three-axle truck has a gross vehicle weight up to 27 tonnes and offers a “comfortable environment” for the working driver.

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