Ferrari Claims Batteries are Not Developed Enough to Launch an Electric Supercar

Enrico Galliera, commercial director of Ferrari, has confirmed in a recent interview that the Italian brand will not manufacture any electric car “until after 2025.” Statements that we had previously heard from other managers of the company. The manager justifies the decision by stating that the batteries are currently not sufficiently developed to meet Ferrari’s technical needs.

According to Galliera, electrical technology still needs more time and development to be competitive. “We will not make an electric Ferrari just for the sake of doing it.” Apparently, the brand wants to bring “something new” to the market; that is innovate in the field of electric cars and provide solutions that match the company’s DNA.

Some fans have criticized this attitude on several occasions, wondering what kind of innovation Ferrari can bring to the electric car sector if it joins it with a considerable delay compared to the vast majority of its competitors. They find themselves developing or even about to market their electric supercars and hypercars.

Without going any further, we can mention the former collaborator of Ferrari, Pininfarina, whose first model as a car manufacturer will be the wild Battista. An electric model with more than 1,900 hp. Nor can we lose sight of the expected Rimac C_Two or the almighty Lotus Evija, which with 2,000 hp, will become the most powerful production car on the market. Doubling the figures exhibited by the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a 1,000 hp plug-in hybrid.

Even though Ferrari does not seem interested in the launch of a 100% electric model, everything seems to indicate that its range will gradually become electrified in the short term. Following in the footsteps of the LaFerrari or the SF90 as mentioned above Stradale. On the other hand, we cannot forget about the links between Ferrari and FCA (FIAT-Chrysler), a group that among other things, has Faraday Future electrical technology.

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