BYD Receives UL Certification for its 150 kW Charger

BYD’s 150 kW DC depot fast chargers have officially been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The Chinese automobile and rechargeable battery producer plans to use the fast chargers on electric buses and trucks. They are fitted with CCS Combo 1 plug (SAE J1772 Combo) making them usable fror all the CCS1 vehicles in the North America. BYD’s 150 kW DC depot fast charger is the highest power, “single-unit charger” ever certified by UL according to the Chinese company.

“The BYD UL-listed 150kW DC charger gained a full suite of safety certifications that cover the charger’s connection to a power source and the plugs, receptacles, and couplers that connect to a bus or truck. The certifications include UL 2202, the standard for Safety of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment for fast chargers, and UL 2594, the standard for Safety of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.”

With battery energy storage becoming a main focus point with the accelerated rise of electric mobility, it makes sense for a company that is primarily known for electric cars, batteries, buses and trucks to try their hand at chargers.

BYD recently announced 300 MWh/75 MW ESS which is planned to be installed at the Canadian Solar’s 100 MWac Mustang solar plant in Kings County, California:

“For the Mustang project, BYD will utilize Cube Pro, the latest generation energy storage solution designed for larger utility-scale projects. At 2.5 MWh per unit, the Cube Pro has a new liquid-cool battery system in the enclosure, with an energy density increase of 80% compared to the previous generation that used customized shipping containers as the enclosure.”

The use of the 2.5 MWh Cube Pro makes it a bit reminiscent of Tesla’s 3 MWh Megapacks leading us even further to believe the energy storage market will lean in favor of prefabricated MWh-blocks.

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