BYD Launches New EV Platform Expected in 2021

It seems that Chinese manufacturers are starting to move tokens; according to recent reports from Chinese media, Lian Yubo, vice president of BYD, announced a new platform dedicated to electric cars that are scheduled for market launch in April 2021.

At the moment, no more specific details have been given about the new base, but it is a move that follows the strategy that many brands are adopting, such as Volkswagen with the MEB, Geely with SEA, and Renault’s CMF-EV.

According to the media, the objective of BYD is to achieve with this platform to equalize electric cars with combustion cars, both in the economic aspect and in terms of performance, such as autonomy.

BYD is working to bring the BYD Han EV model to Europe at a very attractive price in an arc between 45,000 dollars and 55,000 dollars. The advantage of this is that it will also bring the famous LFP Blade batteries, whose cost will be more competitive.

With this announcement of the new platform, we could think of a new version of BYD Han itself, with an evolution of the Blade batteries presented and a better integration, accompanied by a considerable cost reduction, which would undoubtedly give it a better chance of being successful in markets as competitive as the US.

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