BYD Produced its 20,000th Han with Blade Batteries

One of the most important international Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, BYD, announced on November 12 it produced its 20,000th BYD Han. The midsize sedan is offered as both an all-electric as well as a plug-in hybrid and is the first model equipped with the Blade Battery which uses Cell-to-Pack technology for LFP cells.

The company is expected to come close to a production number of around 10,000 units for November and exceed that number in December. Considering the company has received around 40,000 order with 20,000 still waiting to be delivered, its output is expected to continue being high through February:

BYD has seen consistent sales and production growth in previous months dating back to July with the sales of 1,205 BEVs. In August they managed to sell 4,000 units, and September 5,612 units including both BEVs and PHEVs. The climbing numbers were no different in October with 7,545 units sold in that month. With the estimated 10,000 units sold this month, November will be the best month yet for the Chinese company. Year to date, BYD has sold 18,362 electric units, primarily all-electric, but PHEVs accounted for about 2,000 a month since August.

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