Tesla Megapack Now in Europe

The Tesla Megapack have already started their work with the activation of the first great station. This is the work of the company Fotowatio Renewable Ventures in collaboration with Harmony Energy, located in the town of Dorset, UK. It consists of a total of six Megapack, which adds up to 15 MWh of capacity, representing a much more efficient and sustainable alternative to gas systems.

This facility is one of the most significant commissions on British soil and is the first to use Tesla technology. As we recall, a system is made up of 1.5MW/3MWh modules and has become an alternative for large-scale energy storage, and mainly an option to manage demand peaks without going to gas plants.

Another aspect that allows this technology to leave gas behind is its rapid installation. According to those responsible for the project, putting into operation a megawatt-scale system is up to four times faster than it takes to build a standard installation.

In the case of the Megapack, at the time, Tesla indicated that they could install a large system of 250 MW and 1 GWh of capacity in less than three months on an area of ​​1.2 hectares. This system can also be connected by direct current directly to solar energy sources.

In addition to Tesla’s design and cells, this installation will take advantage of the work done by the North American company in the aspect of energy management. Something fundamental for a technology created to give more efficiency to the electrical system.

The Megapack will use Tesla software, which will help improve its capabilities to offer a backup in the hours of highest demand, and make the most of cheap energy during periods when it is down. An aspect that will also mean making the most of sources such as renewables.

A first project by the British company indicates it will be the first of many new parks in a project that demonstrates the economic and technical feasibility of the battery-powered energy storage system. All while laying the groundwork for a more efficient power system that still reduces plus its dependence on fossil fuels and thus achieves also reducing polluting emissions.

In the words of Peter Kavanagh, CEO of Harmony Energy: ‘Energy storage via batteries for large-scale installations is key to the UK’s sustainable future. This has always been one of the main areas for improvement in the country’s renewable energy strategy, controlling the grid frequency, and providing backup during peak demand and supply periods. We are delighted to have been working closely with FRV and Tesla to complete this project, our first battery energy storage project in the UK. ‘

Energy storage that experts say plays a central and critical role in fully harnessing the power of renewable energy. Two technologies that have become vital elements in achieving a decarbonized society.

An example of the importance of R&D work and investment in sectors such as battery production, which will not only affect the transport sector but will also extend its influence to the production and distribution of electricity itself.

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