Almost 80% of Electric Cars Sold in South Korea are Teslas

According to local media, Tesla is achieving impressive success in South Korea, accounting for nearly 80% of its total electric car sales. Considering that this is the home market of Hyundai and its subsidiary KIA, two of the brands that are betting the strongest in recent years on electric mobility, this figure becomes even more significant.

From January to September, the US firm has delivered 10,518 cars in South Korea, 79.6% of electric vehicles’ total sales. This figure was higher in September because, with 2,056 vehicles sold, the company reached a 91% share, completely dominating its rivals.

The year-on-year increase is overwhelming, with more than a 1,500% increase during the first half of the year. The main responsible for these good figures is, as expected, the Model 3, which is already the best-selling electric car in history and a resounding success in the United States, China, and even Europe, where only the Renault ZOE is capable of holding his pulse.

Nor can we lose sight of the role that the Korean government’s aid granted to electric cars is playing, which leaves the family sedan at an attractive price of just over 40,000 dollars to change. If Tesla decides to export the Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD with LFP batteries currently manufactured in Giga Shanghai to South Korea, these rates could be reduced further. The brand has been present in the Korean market since March 2017 and has around 500 charging stations in the country, of which only 32 belong to its network of Superchargers.

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