GMC Hummer EV Prototype Begins Winter Testing

Days after GMC revealed its brand new Hummer EV, news broke that there wasn’t actually a working prototype. Chief engineer Al Oppenheiser admitted “Interestingly enough, we don’t have a vehicle yet. We’re building our first test vehicle as we speak; the vehicle you see in the video is our display vehicle.” Now, according to the company, the prototype vehicle has arrived at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds “to continue validation tests and will head to northern Michigan to run through the team’s grueling winter testing process.”

With the working Hummer EV prototype ready for winter testing, its makes its 2021 arrival even more real. “The HUMMER EV’s development speed was enabled by extensive virtual testing, which will be a hallmark of GM programs moving forward and it will begin initial production in Fall 2021.”

In a short 30-second clip, we see the GMC Hummer EV in action at Milford Proving Ground. GM says it will document the vehicle’s winter testing process extensively and will share updates as it makes headway in Northern Michigan.

The all-electric Hummer is expected on the market in Fall 2021, giving the company a little less than a year to make sure everything is in order prior to its launch.

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