Rivian Pre-Orders Show R1T Leading R1S

According to information from customers who have pre-ordered a Rivian vehicle, it appears that R1T is proving to be much more popular than its SUV brother, the R1S. In a post found on the Rivian Owners Forum, pre-order holders were asked to complete a document with which model they chose as well as the spec of their choice.

So far, a total of 215 people who have filled in the document, only 80 of which opted for the R1S electric SUV over the R1T electric pickup truck. A noticeable 62.7 percent of Rivian pre-order holders decided to go with the R1T while the R1S has only received about 37.2 percent.

Rivian’s Launch Green is currently leading as far as the most popular color with Glacier White, El Cap Granite, and Rivian Blue trailing not far behind. Interior design options have shown the Black Mountain interior as the color of choice followed by Ocean Coast and Forest edge.

When looking at the options of battery packs, the smaller option is currently in the lead which is surprising with the on-going issue of range anxiety. It appears that buyers are more inclined to stick with the 300 mile range that Rivian claims to deliver with the standard pack, than they are to dish out $10 grand for the Max Pack for an additional 100 miles of range. 

As of now you do not need a pre-order to use Rivian’s configurator. The configurator is currently open and operational to the public after only being available to owners of pre-order vehicles.

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