Lucid Air, More Expensive than Expected

During an interview with the Bloomberg portal, Peter Rawlinson, executive director of Lucid Motor, has revealed some of the secrets we should know by the end of the day to present his first Model, the Air. An electric sedan that has raised great expectations and that we will know in detail in a few hours.

But before this event, the former Tesla chief engineer responsible for the development of the Model S has revealed some secrets of his new proposal that comes as a somewhat more compact alternative with better performance compared to its rival.

One of the big questions was prices. At first, it was rumored that the Lucid would start at around $60,000 for its cheaper versions. But for now, as usual, sales will begin with the most expensive versions that move in higher figures than expected.

According to the president of the manufacturer, the first model to be produced will be the Dream finish, which will be the one with the highest performance and equipment on offer. It will be priced at $161,500 after public aid. Something that except surprise will mean adding another $7,500 to the final price.

The second finish to arrive will be the Grand Touring, which will start at around $130,000, not including public aid. It will not be until the end of 2021 when we see a Lucid Air with a more earthly price, which will be when deliveries of the Touring variant start, around $100,000.

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