Lucid Shows the Gravity, its New Electric SUV

Lucid has presented this morning in style the Air, its first model. This executive saloon has attracted the interest of the media and internet users mainly due to its advanced technology: thanks to the use of miniaturized engines and a drag coefficient of just 0.21 (the best on the market), the electric sedan achieves a range of 516 miles under the realistic American EPA homologation cycle.

During the presentation event, Lucid has also taken the opportunity to show the first images of what will be its second model, the Gravity. This vehicle will be a large SUV sitting on the same platform that the Air uses, and according to Peter Rawlinson, CEO of the company, it will be just as efficient as its sedan brother.

The truth is that this is something difficult to believe since SUVs are heavier and less aerodynamic than conventional passenger cars. However, the model may achieve the same autonomy as the Air thanks to the use of a larger battery (remember that initially, the Air would have a 130 kWh capacity pack, which has finally been reduced to 113 kWh thanks to the enormous efficiency of the car).

The Gravity is a model with more rectilinear and more forceful forms than the Air. However, it has common elements such as the chrome “grill,” the pilots attached to the tailgate’s width, the floating C-pillar, the two-color bodywork, and so on. Despite everything, the SUV loses some of the graceful and avant-garde Air’s elegance, whose aesthetics have been widely praised by the public.

It is expected that the Gravity has a range structured in a similar way to the Air (that is, divided into four versions: Gravity, Gravity Touring, Gravity Grand Touring, and Gravity Dream Edition), although there are no details about it yet. What Lucid has confirmed is that after the Air and Gravity, it will launch more models, having already designed its strategy for the next ten years.

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