Ford Adjusts Mustang Mach-E for the European Market

In a new video posted to the European Ford Youtube Channel, we get a glimpse into what Ford is doing to tailor the Mustang Mach-E for the European market.

Ford’s team at its testing facility in Lommel, Belgium, hosts the fine-tuning of the Mach-E. A team that according the the automaker “understands the region’s customers” better than most and which also tests the Mach-E pre-production prototypes on “Norway’s twisty Trollstigen mountain road, high-speed German autobahn or bumpy British B-roads”.

According to Ford, things like steering, suspension, powertrain, intelligent adaptive cruise control, speed sign recognition, and lane centring that interprets different road signs and lane markings, need to be adjusted from the North American market to the European market.

These adjustments are an attempt to further equip the Mach-E to take on the more narrow roads typically found in Europe. Furthermore, its tires were selected for optimum “balance of grip and ride comfort across the region’s wide variety of road surfaces and weather conditions”.

Vehicle Dynamics manager of Ford Europe, Geert Van Noyen said about the fine-tuning “With today’s technology we can tailor a vehicle in the virtual  world so that our early prototypes are well on their way to delivering the right character.  However, that critical last 10 per cent can only be defined on the road,”. Van Noyen added “Using pure-electric power means the Mustang Mach-E interior is very quiet, and that makes preventing unwanted noise and vibration from reaching the interior even more important,”

The Ford Mustang Mach-E all-wheel-drive version has an expected range of 335 miles. In extended range-battery and rear-wheel-drive configuration it has an expected WLTP range of 379 miles.

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