Tesla Cybertruck Factory to Begin Production Testing in May 2021

It seems that with experience, Tesla is exponentially accelerating the speed at which it builds its factories. If the one in China has already caught our attention for starting up in just one year, the one in Berlin is on the way to improving these figures. But nothing compared to how fast Tesla is building its fifth Gigafactory, located in Texas, and seems to be ready to begin its first tests in the second quarter of 2021.

And it was just two months ago that the location of this new factory, that will be responsible for the production of the Model Y for the eastern United States and the extravagant Cybertruck, had been confirmed.

Now some documents presented to obtain new permits has revealed the start dates of production that Tesla handles. It is indicated that in December 2020, the installation of the first equipment will be carried out, while in May 2021, they hope to start the manufacturing lines to carry out assembly tests with models like the Cybertruck.

As noted in a publication by Inspectapedia, this means that in December, the structure of the building should be complete, a necessary preliminary step to start the installation of the machinery required inside that, as we can see, could be ready to begin its four calibration works. Five months later.

This would mean that by the end of the second quarter of 2021, Tesla would have everything ready to start production in this new factory, which will allow it to begin a final phase throughout the summer. If confirmed, a factor would mean that the first deliveries of the model that Tesla selects to start the operation of this installation should begin in August.

Very aggressive dates that will facilitate the appearance of the Cybertruck itself, which, as we remember, will be made up of entirely flat aluminum plates to shape the body. It will facilitate its production and speed up its arrival on the market thanks to not having to wait to have the stamping press running.

An arrival that, during its presentation, Tesla indicated that it would occur at the end of 2021. We now see a date that is quite conservative, and that could even be advanced if there are no unforeseen events during the process.

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