The BMW i3 Launched in 2013 Will be Able to Tell Its Descendants It Has Managed to Exceed 11 Years in the Market

BMW indicated that the idea was to withdraw from the sale of the i3 along with the i8 in 2021. However, the reality is that the sales of the i3 have not stopped growing in recent years. For example, between January and October of 2019 the enrollments have increased by 20%.

To this it added to the amortization of the investments necessary for its manufacture, which allows BMW to earn money for each unit sold. Therefore, if it sells more and more and is profitable, it is reasonable to continue trading. Having a very modern design that, six years later and despite receiving minimal changes, makes it remain very current.

It can be added to the reasons for its continuity not to have a successor. It will not be until 2021 when BMW launches a new member of the “i” family, which also will not be placed by segment near the compact itself. Therefore the i3 will have its own space as we say at least until 2024.

It has also been confirmed that the i3 will receive a new update of its battery to maintain its competitiveness over the next few years. Some changes of which no official figures have been given at the moment, but it may very possibly involve the installation of a battery of about 52 kWh, which would take its autonomy to a figure close to 400 km under the WLTP cycle.

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