Sono Motors Confirms the Sion Already has 13,000 Orders

According to the co-founder and executive director of Sono Motors, Laurin Hahn, the Sono Sion currently has 13,000 orders. This includes 900 customers who want to be the first to receive their car and who have paid the full price of the vehicle, 25,500 euros. Optimistic figures that for the German manager will allow the Zion to finally be able to fulfill its objective to begin its production in September 2021.

Zion now faces a critical moment in the pre-series prototypes production, which will have to prove everything that Sono Motors promises is real. Aspects such as its powerful 163 hp engine, its 35 kWh battery, and 255km under the WLTP cycle. But above all, Zion will have to test one of its most essential points: solar panels.

An installation that from the mark indicated may allow owners to recover up to 34 kilometers of autonomy per day only with the help of the sun. This will undoubtedly be one of the points that will receive the most attention during tests that should begin after summer.

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