Hyundai Confirms an 8% Increase in the Range of Electric Kona

According to Hyundai data, installing the new Michelin Primacy 4 tires has reduced consumption and improved the range of the electric Kona by 8%. A key aspect for many customers who have found the Kona one of the best alternatives on the market in this regard.

Thanks to this, the 39 kWh version will go from 180 miles to 190 miles. For its part, the variant with the 64 kWh battery manages to increase its autonomy from 278 to 300 miles also under the EPA approval cycle.

Another novelty is that the new electric Kona can now also equip the roof accessory to carry a vertical load of up to 100 kg. This allows drivers to carry bikes to trunks for their longer trips or weekend outings.

The best of all is that these improvements have not led to an increase in the electric Kona price, which in its 39 kWh version starts before aid and the strong promotions of the manufacturer at $41,960 dollars, while the 64 kWh starts at $48,000 dollars.

The proposal’s improvement is of little importance if there is no production capacity, and waiting times are impossible. To avoid this, Hyundai has tripled production capacity this year both with the new line of its factory in the Czech Republic and the increase of the one located in Ulsan, South Korea.

They hope to more agilely meet the strong demand for electric cars, which in Europe expect to reach 80,000 units this year, counting on the IONIQ and the Nexo.

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