The Sound Of Electric Vehicles

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Have you felt the power of “Time” when watching Inception? Did you feel the immense power of “Now We Are Free” when watching Gladiator? What about the music from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Batman Trilogy, and The Da Vinci Code?

All of that music was composed by the legendary German composer Hans Zimmer. In addition to his film work, Zimmer has also signed on to produce a series of mini-soundtracks to feature in BMW’s BMWYY 3.91% all-electric 2021 BMW i4.

The BMW i4 is anticipated to be the first genuine rival to Tesla Motor Inc’s TSLA 1% Model 3. Moreover, Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks will be setting the tone, and we mean literally, as they will be the sound of all future electric BMWs. In an industry where differentiation is the name of the game, that will definitely set these cars apart from other EV competitors.i

Sound of EVs – Advantage Or Disadvantage?

Unless you own one, do you have an idea what do electric vehicles sound like? At low speeds, both EVs and hybrids can be nearly silent. Surprisingly, in 2011 the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration found that this makes them more likely to cause low-speed accidents, as pedestrians and cyclists are less likely to hear them coming.

To combat this, the EU, known for its stronger push into sustainability, announced that by July 2020 all new electric cars must now be fitted with Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS). In order to alert pedestrians, AVAS emit a continuous noise when moving 20 kilometers per hour or slower, as well as when reversing.

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