Volvo’s 2021 PHEV Lineup Sees Price Cuts

Volvo’s 2021 plug-in hybrid lineup is seeing price cuts compared to that of the 2020 models. The biggest of which can be seen in the S60 plug-in hybrid sedan which will start at $48,645, a $7,750 decrease from the most inexpensive 2020 model. The S90 plug-in hybrid sedan will start at $61,045, showing a $3,150 price decrease from last years model. The XC60 SUV received a price decrease of $450 while the XC90 SUV dropped $3,550.

In addition to the price cuts, these plug-in hybrids also qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $5,419 and depending on state and local incentives, they could qualify for more. According to a letter to dealers obtained by CarsDirect, the price cuts are focused on Volvo remaining a strong competitor in the plug-in hybrid market. The automaker wants at least 20% of its US sales to be plug-in hybrids. Currently that number sits at about 4%.

Not only did Volvo’s plug-in hybrid lineup receive price cuts, they also received more electric range. Although calling it a “boost” seems like an epic exaggeration, the XC60 received a 2 mile boost and the XC90’s electric range rose by 1 mile.

Aside from the recent price adjustments found in its plug-in hybrids, Volvo is currently taking orders for its XC40 Recharge electric vehicle. The company plans to begin deliveries for the XC40 Recharge later this year.

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