Check Out This Tesla Cybertruck-Specific Collapsable Camper

With deliveries of Tesla’s Cybertruck creeping up by the day, it will only be a matter of time until the monster of a truck is in the hand of reservation holders. After stunning the world during its unveiling, it was clear that aftermarket companies were going to have to start designing accessories specifically around the unconventional EV. Considering the average truck driving will take part in at least one outdoorsy activity whether it be camping, hiking, or just off-roading, a travel trailer is a handy thing to be able to strap up and head out. 

However, the down fall to towing a travel trailer is loss of range. Luckily for Cybertruck reservation holders, a company has developed a Cybertruck-specific camper called the CyberLandr that could solve that problem. 

The CyberLandr is a collapsable truck camper and it is built just like the Cybertruck. It fits in the Cybertruck’s 6.5 foot “vault,” aka truck bed and is completely retractable to underneath the vault’s cover. When unfolded and erect it adds about double the height to the already beast of a truck. On top of the camper tower, you will find a retractable solar roof that extends beyond the edge of the camper, providing a nice shady spot where the retractable stairs meet and lead to a sliding (upward) door.

According to a social media post from CyberLandr: “Like CyberTruck, CyberLandr has no plans to include exterior door handles. The door will open when an authorized person puts their foot on the steps or uses the app to open the door.”

The Cyberlandr is reminiscent of one of the ever popular tiny homes with just enough room to make it your own little space whether it be an office, sleeping are, or kitchen. In regards to kitchen funcunality, the Cyberlandr has a large sink, drawers that close and open automatically, heated flooring, a touchless and voice-controlled faucet, an invisible induction stovetop, a compressor fridge, and a five square foot porcelain countertop.

The main compartment of the CyberLandr has two free-standing chairs with rotating tables. A 32-inch wall-mounted TV can also be found and is capable of Internet connection via a StarLink satellite dish. Wi-Fi is available and allows for Wi-Fi calling in case of an emergency, while lighting and climate are voice and/or app-controlled.

The two free-standing chairs can be moved and transformed into lounge chairs or a queen-size bed when its time to call it a day. The converted bed lays at counter height, and can facilitate two children or one adult. The two free-standing chairs can also be removed completely from the CyberLandr and taken outside.

If you are worried about being in the middle of no where, even in a post-apocalyptic-esque truck, there is also an alarm system with 360-degree surveillance and motion detectors for nighttime security. 

You won’t have to pop a squat or dig a whole on this camping trip as the bathroom is located behind the main compartment. The recirculating shower with a four-stage filter allows for longer showers while the heated porcelain tile will make sure your little toes aren’t cold upon exiting. Additionally, there is a compact sink that folds and a dry-flush toilet with a self-cleaning bowl.

Thanks to its collapsable design, the CyberLandr doesn’t result in any air resistance or drag. However, it is pretty heavy. Its dry weight is 1,200 pounds and you can add another 160 pounds with wet weight reducing the Cybertruck range by about 5% according to the company. 

The CyerLandr’s will draw power from its 500-watt solar panels which can charge the 20-kWh onboard battery pack. However, the collapsable camper can also regain power from the Cybertruck’s battery pack, making it entirely electric. 

In regards to pricing, the CyberLandr will have a starting price of $49,995 minus the launch promotion discount of $5,000. However, if you want to take advantage of the promotional discount you should do it, as its expiration date is unknown.

The company is currently taking reservations for the CyberLandr with a $100 deposit. However if you want to up the ante, a $5,000 deposit allows you to cut the line which could be a good thing depending on demand as there are only 20 slots available for that advantage: “Fulfillment priority is based on down payment amount and order date. However, we will work diligently to have your CyberLandr ready when your CyberTruck order is fulfilled.”

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