Tesla Offers New Incentives for Off-Peak Supercharging in CA

With the demand of Tesla vehicles growing by the day, these new Tesla owners need someone where to charge their EVs. Thus the demand for supercharging is seeing just as big of a rise. To counter this, the EV giant is trying to find ways to help with network capacity. It latest experiment, introducing a 50% discount for Supercharging at night at Supercharger stations in metro areas in California.

This isn’t the first time the automaker tried Supercharger discounts in the state, as last year Tesla began testing out its first temporary Supercharger discounts in California.

In order to incentivize people to charge at night to offset peak-hour charges, Tesla was charging $0.09/kWh during off-peak hours, dropping the price of Supercharging significantly. This was in hopes of reducing traffic during peak hours. More recently, those test were expanded to Norway and Sweden.

Now its looks like Tesla is trying out another Supercharger discount starting again in its home state of California. According to several California-based Tesla owners, this message was received in their in-app notifications: “Avoid the rush and save 50% on your charging fees before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m. at all Superchargers in California’s major metro areas. For specific rates and eligible sites, tap the Supercharger map pin on your in-car touchscreen.”

It appears that Tesla is aiming these new discounts at owners who may not have access to home charging or simply can’t because of their living arrangement (i.e. apartments, not garage, etc). Charging in the early morning or at night will now save owners money, and in return free up some Supercharger space during the busiest hours of the day.Tesla has been working on expanding its global Supercharging network and recently announced it had deployed its 20,000th Supercharger in the world. Even more recently, the automaker revealed its new Supercharger factory in Shanghai is officially up and running sharing photos of the first Supercharger station produced at the new location.

You can check out all of Tesla’s new, current, and upcoming station in its newly released Supercharger map here

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